Saturday 13 June 2015

Festive Splendour Hunkydory

I’m all for using up all of my bits and pieces when buying a kit and this seamed the perfect way, after using a couple of the toppers to make cards I can find that I have spares on the sheet and occasionally a background card too.

Festive Splendour from Hunkydory has so many pretty background sheets that I thought it would make a perfect designer gift box to accompany the card I had made.

Festive Splendour 1

I also used some Adorable Scorable for the box base in a contrasting colour.

Festive Splendour 2

Now pop in a few home made sweets or maybe cookies and you have the perfect Christmas treat in a beautiful gift box.

Festive Splendour 3

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Dawn said...

Gorgeous box Jak! I love the felling when you use up a whole kit! I don't often manage to do it as often as I should & my scrap box isbursting at the seams! Xx

Maryann Laursen said...

Soooo beautiful Jak, you alæways share soo many great and different ideas with us, and I too always want to use up everything, so I just love all the great ideas, I can ever get on that.
Your little christmasbox here are sooo beautiful and elegant, and can be used for anyone for a nice treat.