Monday 27 October 2014

Flower Making

Sometimes we tend to over complicate things don’t we?

I decided I wanted to make some simple flowers for home decor, the easy way, something simple yet stylish, something that wouldn’t take me hour and hours of time.

I decided that material was the way to go and I spotted some gorgeous Suede fabric over on Terry’s Fabrics that would be perfect for what I wanted.

Simple we said right? lets start by cutting 3 circles, not perfect circles just roughly cut by hand, now cut out 3 smaller circles again by hand, they do not need to be uniform sizes in fact they turn out better if they aren’t uniform.

suede flowers2

Next light a candle maybe a tea light or a scented one just to add fragrance to the house while you work, take one of the circles and run the edge of it over the flame, this will seal the edge and give it a darker edge, continue to do this with the rest of your circles. Be responsible and keep fingers out of the way and do not leave the candle burning unoccupied.

Next we need to stick the layers together with the larger circles on the bottom and the smallest to the top, you can do this by sewing them together, using a fabric glue or if like me you like quick results a hot glue gun.

Next find some beads to add to the centre, I hot glued mine but you could sew them in place.

Tadaaaa your done.

suede flowers1 

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Maryann Laursen said...

They´re all soo pretty Jak, and would look great on a card too, and definitely as homedecor, that´s for sure.

Linda Simpson said...

These are gorgeous Jak. I love the colours and need to make some embellishments for a swap I am in so will definitely be using this idea. Thank you for sharing.
Linda xxx

Sue said...

These are gorgeous,thanks for the idea.

Dawn said...

They look great Jak! I've done these before with paper but the fabric version is lovely too!
Dawn xx
PS whatcha making? x

linda said...

What a brilliant idea - thanks so much for sharing - will definitely give this a try x

XxJULESxX said...

Love theses Jak great idea!

Tammy said...

Really pretty and I love the color combo you used! said...

These are lovely jak, i must try. Thanks for sharing.x
Philomena x