Friday 7 October 2011

We Will Rock You

Oh what a night (Thursday), we decided to give Chris a surprize for his Birthday (Friday) and take him to see We Will Rock You at the Sunderland Empire

Keeping things quiet from Chris is pretty difficult

as we had to get cover for him from the Brigade as it was YFA (Young Firefighters Association) so we thought we had everything covered then he only went and got stuck at work.

So we finally got there and we had a fabulous evening singing along to all of the Queen hits, totally our era.

Happy Birthday Chris

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heidy said...

Hi Jak,congrats on Chris Birthday,
2 years ago i stay afew days in London and did see the musical there,it was super,loved every moment,and I'm a big Queen fan!
Have a wonderful day!
XXX Heidy

Mad Mary said...

Seen it twice in London and once in Edinburgh, love, love, love Queen. Also saw Queen live in 1982!!! and go to a lot of Queen tribute bands too.
Glad you had a great time and what a fantastic surprise for Chris.

Mary xx

My'scardcorner said...

What a lovely surprise. Happy Birthday Chris.


Tammy said...

Terrific birthday surprise. Happy birthday Chris!

jordiegirl said...

What a brilliant surprise for Chris.

I love Queen too - it was such a shame when Freddie left us!

syy said...

Lovely idea for Chris - Happy Birthday.

I took my husband a few years ago to see the show in London - it was great and we really came out of the show on a high.


hollis58 said...

Happy Birthday Chris

sallysbitz2 said...

What a lovely surprise x
Glad you enjoyed it. I have not seen it BUT would like to x

Glad you kept it secret too. I purchased some tickets to see Brandon Flowers (the lead singer out of the Killers). I paid for them via paypal on ebay. When hubby popped on my laptop & logged into his ebay, he saw the advert for Brandon Flowers. I kept totally quiet & continued making my cards. Hubby then said "you ain't going to believe it, but someone has asked if they live anywhere near Battersea". I could not believe my ears Lol I ended up having to tell him & I said I can NEVER keep a secret or surprise from him. It was a fab night though.

hugs sally x