Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Blast from the Past

Going for walks is still quite a novel thing for both myself and Chris, because Chris was a retained Firefighter he was always on call, so we are making up for that now that he is retired from it.

Both Chris and I grew up in the same mining village and one of our favourite playing areas was called The Blast, not the easiest places to get to although easier now than when we were children.

This poster gives a brief outline of what it was.

Basically the sea has cleansed the land and it now looks close to a seaside beach.

Stunning scenery from afar.


So we found a pathway down but boy was it steep, I managed to get down but thought I may need to crawl on my knees to get back to the top.

Below you can see the steep pathway from the cliff top.

A small covering of grass, that was once an orange pool of muddy water.

The iron gate in the cliff face would have been covered in waste from the mine and this wouldn't have been visible at all.


Now what is worrying is that in the above picture, there used to be a pathway that locals called the nanny goats path so as you can imagine it was a skinny rickety thing and at one point we had to walk a plank to get across it. No health and safety back then.

If all of that isn't incredible enough there were men that took old bicycles and sacks across this and down onto the blast to collect the coal that escaped with the waste. Once they had filled the sacks they had to get them back up to the top of the cliff and they only way to do this was back up the nanny goats path these men were all called Blasties by the local folk.

Look we found coal amongst the pebbles, infact there is still quite a bit of it left, a memory of Dawdon Pit that closed its gates in 1991 the year my youngest daughter was born.


We also found patches of the grey slate like pebbles that the Blast was covered in.

What is quite exciting for us is that the sea is claiming back the land, we even have sand now.

You can see this difference in the next photo of where the sea has cleansed the land.


I will leave it there for now but there is so much more to show you, I'll keep the rest for another day.



Saturday, 7 May 2016

Stamping Home Decor

We have been in a bit of a quandary over a living room clock, not wanting to hang anything on the walls as yet and not able to find a mantel clock that I liked.

I found one today in Next, the only problem we had was that it was grey and wouldn't go with our home decor.

I bought it anyway as a stop gap as it was odd not having a clock in the living room. I placed it on the mantel piece but it looked dreadful, then this happened.......

And now it looks right at home.


Friday, 29 April 2016

Deco Shimmer Hunkydory

I'm back at Create and Craft TV from Saturday through to Tuesday so I hope you will join me at some point as I have had loads of fun with the Deco Shimmer, it is so beautiful and got me thinking of lots of different style cards.

Show times are as follows.

Saturday 6pm and 8pm, Sunday 12pm, 4pm and 7pm, Monday 12pm and 3pm and Tuesday 8am and 4pm.

Sky 674 Freeview 23 Virgin 748 Freesat 813


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Room Finally Finished

Well it's all but finished, I'm waiting for a new unit for the alcove and something for the wall, new blinds oh and a door, but mostly it's cosmetic and I can live with it like this until they are in place.

This was my dream fire, I long way better than my old one.

Most nights you will catch me with my back to it hitching my skirt up to get a warm.

The pictures just don't do it justice.

It's so lovely to get back in this room and get some order back in the house.

Poor Chris has worked like a Trojan to get it in order for me.



Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stylish Silhouettes

It's brilliant to sit and play with inks and glitter and have fun crafting, the Stylish Silhouettes from Hunkydory Crafts lets you do just that.

I masked off my card with masking tape and used copper and gold Brilliance inks to create a rectangle down the length of the card using a little cut and dry foam.

Using the Stylish Silhouettes butterflies I add Sticky Mitts glue ot one half of the butterflies and sprinkled them with Diamond Sparkle glitters then added the butterflies half on and half off the inked rectangle.

I finished with one of the sentiments from the Stylish Silhouettes inked with the same Brilliance ink.



Saturday, 2 April 2016

Adorable Scorable Pearlescent Card Stock

Not just Adorable Scorable but Pearlescent too, who would have thought that a year ago I would be so impressed with a range of card stock that I would remove all other card stock from my craft room?

Well I did and I haven't looked back.

Tomorrow I have the privilege of showing you some extra special Pearlescent Adorable Scorable, I thought is would be impossible to make this any better but Hunkdory proved me wrong.

My show times on Create and Craft TV are Sunday 4pm and 9pm, Monday 8am, 6pm & 9pm Tuesday 9am.

Ruth takes over on Tuesday at 5pm.


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Getting Rid of Damp

It never rains but it pours.

Finally the temperature is starting to rise and we can get the much needed work done to the outside of the house that has stopped us from finishing our room.

Thankfully we have good friends that are in the building trade and that we trust to do the job properly.

Our home was built in 1908 so I guess the renovations are well over due.

As you can see the pointing was a little more than expected and porous bricks had to be removed.

It seams that we have had a 100 years of rubbish (crap as the builder termed it) fall between double wall so all of this rubbish (crap) needs to be removed.

As you can see it is quite a few bricks that has to be removed and replaced.


As they say, they don't build them as they used to.

You can see the bricks on the other side that need to be removed, the porous bricks are covered in white salt.

So lots of hammering and banging to get this all done but at least we are starting to see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.


Monday, 21 March 2016

What makes us Hoarders

Something that I giggle about often, hoarding. Why do I do it? I strive to be minimalistic, I don't think that is will happen in my lifetime.

I remember visiting my Grand parents home and always coming away with carrier bags full of groceries I believe it made her feel good to give. You had to take the stuff as she would be offended otherwise, yes my Nanna was a first class hoarder of groceries.

When I lived at home with my Mam and Dad we lived in a remote part of the village so my Mam had a walk in pantry that was full to the gills, within the Pantry was a chest freezer, again full to the gills, with home made bread and pies and meat for our meals.

So here we are 35 years on and my Mam who now lives alone and is 82 years this year still has a full to the brim pantry. I took Mam a dinner up today and came away with 2 carrier bags of goodies.

My Husband Chris always says if we ever go to war he is going straight to my Mams house and boarding us all in as there is enough food there to last us all for around 6 months without ever having to leave ha ha!

So does this pass down the family!

I always have extra in but not to the extent that both my Mam and my Nanna had.

Now I know that most crafters are guilty of hoarding and after reorganising my craft room I am guilty as charged of this, I had to take a deep breath and give loads away to brownies, girl guides and a local school.

Are you a hoarder? What do you hoard?

Do you have like my a under stair cupboard that you throw things into never to see light of day again?