Monday, 1 December 2008

The Meanings of Names - Card Making

I got to thinking about the meaning of names today.

As most of us like to personalise our card making and use the names of the recipiants on an insert or even the front of a card I thought it could be fun to add the meanings of the name.

For instance my Christian name has the meaning - To Protect

so the the front or insert of a card you could write;

Jacqueline - meaning To Protect

Date of Birth 00-00-00

Star sign - Aries

Birth Stone - Aquamarine

I onlty started to think of this when thinking of becoming a Nan and choosing names for a new baby.

So I did a little digging and started to read up on the meanings of names click here to find yours


Suzanne said...

How very interesting - my name came up with Lily - I know it`s mt birth flower but it`s also Erin`s middle name - so it feels extra special now
thanks for sharing this with us

Scrap Jaci said...

WOW...look at how close we are.


My name is shortend to Jaci. We must be kindered blogging sisters lol.

Jackie said...

Not sure about the 'to protect'think in my case it 'to annoy'lol.... Cancer and Ruby... (yes also granddaugters name !!)...
so summary.... to annoy
had it
got it
LOL... thanks for link... very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Interesting link Jak looked up all my girls names i.e. daughter and 3 granddaughters. Mine comes from Miranda.:0)

Cazz said...

What a great site. I have saved it for now. Mine came up as "Melody" - and I can't sing a note lol (despite my dad being a true Welshman)

Foxycrafts said...

Really interesting, Jak. Thanks for the link.

Love Joan :o)